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Digital Estate Planning


We all know that at some point in our lives we will have to write a Will to leave any physical assets or money to a chosen person(s) upon our death, but what about our digital assets, do you need to include them in your Will and have some digital estate planning?

With the internet and all of its features now an integral part of our day to day lives digital assets are something to be considered.

The photos that we post or store online, the e-books that we purchase or write, the online blogs that we write, the professional photos that we sell all have a sentimental value or, indeed, a cash value, but do those intangible assets just get disregarded on your death?

Did you know that those photos, online blogs, e-books etc. are an asset to your estate and should be included when writing your Will?

Do you want to specify that your social media account and the photos contained in it be used as a memorial of your life? Would your family know about the thousands of photos in your online storage account? You’d list a photo album as an asset in your Will, so in this age of digital when we’ve stopped printing photos and instead store them online, you’d want your family to know about them, wouldn’t you?

You may (or may not) have already made plans for what happens to your physical assets in your Will, but now is the time to re-asses and plan for what should happen to your digital assets and include some digital estate planning. Failing to plan for these new assets could hinder your friends and family at an already difficult time, it could also mean some of your assets could simply get lost in the process.

If you would like to consider leaving digital assets to friends, family and/or acquaintances, or if you would like to specify how you would like your online accounts to be dealt with, please get in touch.


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