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Court of Protection support during coronavirus crisis


The Court of Protection team at Clarion remain busy during the coronavirus crisis, working hard remotely to continue to manage the property and affairs of our clients for whom we act as professional deputy, attorney or trustee.

The team have had to find ways of supporting clients in place of seeing them in person. This has involved many telephone calls to check clients are safe, to support families and carers and reassure our clients that we are still here supporting them.

Care providers have been excellent and adapted incredibly well to the situation. Many of our clients need small, regular amounts of cash to pay their support providers for shopping as they are unable to get out and about easily themselves. This has been a challenge for our clients therefore we have come up with new ways of managing day to day expenditure for clients.

We have also been creative with processes such as mental capacity assessments, embracing the technology available and doing these assessments via video call.  Applications to the Court of Protection can be signed electronically for the time being.

One of the most successful adaptations has been a one-day hearing that my colleague Lynsey Harrison attended via Skype for Business which went without a hitch. One wonders whether some of these practices will endure once the lockdown is over, saving valuable time and money to all sides?

I have found that there is plenty of really good guidance available for Court of Protection practitioners in the form of:

We couldn’t continue to support our clients without reliance upon some of the most important heroes of this crisis - home care workers and care home workers who continue to care for some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Carers do this at their own personal risk in incredibly challenging circumstances which is massively appreciated. My weekly clap in the garden is very much for all carers as well as NHS front line workers!


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