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My colleagues and I have recently been increasingly involved with giving talks to local charities and elderly action groups on legal issues that affect elderly and vulnerable people in West Yorkshire. Access to good legal information for this particular section of society is difficult as there is no public funding assistance for areas of law such as making a will or power of attorney, or taking advice on planning for and paying for care.  These areas have now become very specialist so we encourage clients to use resources such as the Solicitors for the Elderly website to locate expert practitioners in their locality.

The Law Society has begun a campaign entitled "Your Solicitor - Qualified to Answer" to highlight the importance of seeking advice from a properly qualified professional such as a Solicitor or Legal Executive. Legal Executives are qualified lawyers who are regulated by the Institute of Legal Executives. With increasing amounts of alternative legal services available on the open market such as will writing services, it is important for clients to be able to recognise when a lawyer is qualified and regulated to give comprehensive legal advice.

During the talks that we have been giving, we talk about making a will, the basic points of the Mental Capacity Act 2005, what a Power of Attorney is, what Deputyship is and other important points to consider.

A summary of the information that we present to local community groups is as follows:

Your Will

Why choose a law firm?

Mental Capacity Act 2005: The Law today

The Key Principles of the Mental Capacity Act 2005

There are 5 key principles:

Assessing the Ability to Make a Decision

Power of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney

Deputyship & the Court of Protection

Other Issues:

Jointly owned property: Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common.

Financial Abuse

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