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Clarion's Pride of Pride


It was with great pride that Clarion took part in this years Leeds Pride festival last weekend.

We were excited to be part of a day which celebrated #CelebrateDiversity the inclusion and acceptance of thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lifestyles within Yorkshire.

I was overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm which Clarion's stall at the event received. There was genuinely a real sense of support that a Law firm was out there in its local community spreading the word of acceptance and diversity.

Leeds Pride’s theme this year was ‘Love and Marriage’ and so I felt privileged to be part of an organisation that was celebrating historic changes in our legislative reform of marriage and my talks with many Pride goers on the day reinforced that my feelings were mutual.

Over the last 12 months my colleagues and I have blogged regularly on articles relating to same sex marriage, civil partnerships, changes in legislation as well as those issues which effect and are relevant to many alternative families within our ever changing family units.

On the 10 December we will also be seeing further changes to the Civil Partnership Act 2004 since from this date those already in a civil partnership will be able to convert their union to that of a marriage if they so want. On conversion of a civil partnership to a marriage, the civil partnership will end and the marriage will be treated as having existed since the date on which the civil partnership was formed.

These are very exciting times for family law with streamline court procedures, children’s voices being heard at the heart of court decisions and huge historic changes in legislation allowing same sex marriage to take place for the very first time we can all pride ourselves that we are at the heart of a jurisdiction that is striving for change.



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