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Can't wait for your children to leave home? Seems you are not in the minority!


As a matrimonial lawyer, we often hear spouses complaining that once the children are grown up and have left home, the marriage is at an end, as they soon realise that they have nothing in common with their partner.

Many people still believe it’s in the best interests of the children to stay together, for their sake.  However, often when children leave home to go to University, move in to their own property etc. it gives the couple time spend more time together, and this often leads to the realisation that they in fact have nothing in common with each other any more.

I was therefore very surprised to read some research that was undertaken by Hurtigruton.  The research revealed that more than 1 in 2 parents “cannot wait” for their children to leave home! It is right that when our parents were younger, children would often leave home at say the age of 18 to go to University and never return home (as I did).  However, it now seems, from different research I have read, that the average age people leave home is now in fact 27.

2,000 parents, with children aged 16 and over were polled and here are some of the interesting statistics that the parents were wanting to do once the children had left home:

1 in 10 confessed to already having looked at flashy cars;
26% were looking forward to getting the house back to themselves for a little romance!;
42% felt they would be better off financially; and
4 in 10 were looking forward to the peace and quiet.

The research also discussed with those polled what their “bucket list” was, and a number of people have got some really exciting things planned including:

It seems that we have a very excitable generation of people waiting for their children to leave home ……… interestingly, around a quarter of parents said that they would let their child/children think they were devastated when they move out, when in fact they were secretly delighted!  So, my views that parents were dreading their children leaving home as it meant that they would realise how little in common they had with their spouse is in fact incorrect.  Instead, parents couldn’t wait for children to leave home so they could do all those things they always wanted to do!

Justine is a Partner in the Family Team, and heads the Private Client Services Team at Clarion.

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