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Being a mental health first aider


Mental Health Awareness week provides a great opportunity to highlight some of the steps we have taken at Clarion to look after the mental health of ourselves and our colleagues. Clare King provides insight into being a mental health first aider.

I am one of two Mental Health First Aiders at Clarion, having completed a two-day training course with Mental Health First Aid England at the beginning of the year. A qualified and experienced trainer took our group of 20 professionals through discussions, role play exercises, written course materials and short films to examine a wide range of different types of mental ill health. We discussed some of the facts and figures involved and how we can assist those who may need care and support in a time of crisis.

I was interested in the training as I wanted to become more confident in how to assist a person with poor mental health or mental ill-health. I work in an area of law where I commonly assist individuals who have mental capacity issues, so I felt that the training would benefit my clients. I am also part of a growing firm of more than 160 employees and it was felt that the time was right for the business to put in place two Mental Health First Aiders to ensure that there is support available for any employee of the business who is struggling with their mental health. The training for my colleague and I coincided with a month of focus on the health and wellbeing of our workforce at Clarion.

We all have mental health and it is so important to look after it. That starts with being aware that we all have mental health, a lot of us will have periods where our mental health is poor, and some people will be living with mental ill-health. We need to keep talking about it until there is no more stigma in talking about mental ill-health than there is talking about having physical ill-health.

If you have any questions about mental health at work, please contact Clare King, Legal Director in our Private client team on 0113 336 3363 or clare.king@clarionsolicitors.com

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