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American research shows.... almost 50% of marriages end in divorce.


As a keen lover of statistics I was very interested to read some figures prepared following a study by Ohio State University. The study was based on research of 7,272 people who were aged 14-22 years, in 1979, and then who subsequently married.

The research revealed 51% were still married, so 49% were either divorced or separated. Of that 49%, almost 2/3rds of them had separated and 79% of them had ultimately divorced.

It is a sad fact of life that so many marriages end in divorce or separation. The vows made at the ceremony are “for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part”. Sadly, many relationships end for a multitude of reasons, and the statistics in the UK pretty much mirror the research done in America.

At Clarion we see a number of people who have separated, or who are on the verge of separating. We can provide legal advice and support as many people are unsure of their rights and responsibilities arising out of the breakdown of a marriage. Whilst we cannot ultimately help our clients decide whether to continue with the marriage or not, a bit of advice about how the money will be sorted; what will happen to the children; how they can resolve their difficulties, eg through mediation, collaborative or the court process can help set peoples minds at rest, so they can focus on matters moving forward.
Just by coming to see a Solicitor, does not mean that divorce proceedings must immediately be issued. Many people do not see this as a priority. We can therefore prepare a separation agreement, which can set out either the interim position as to who pays what in the short term (which is especially useful if both parties remain living in the marital home) or a final agreement, setting our ultimately what is to happen to the assets and liabilities arising from the marriage.

We always encourage our clients to come and have an initial chat with us, and we do not charge for this meeting. We can discuss the processes; fees; outcomes and whether any external support is required for example counseling; financial advice etc.

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