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Administrative Justice Comes to Leeds


The arrival of the new regional Administrative Court in Leeds on 21 April 2009 will bring justice closer to home for those aggrieved by a decision of a public body.  The ability to conduct proceedings in Leeds means litigants will be able to instruct local solicitors and Counsel, saving time and money by not having to conduct proceedings in London.  It should also save the taxpayer money as the costs for local public bodies will also decrease.

Among various other matters, the Administrative Court has the jurisdiction to hear judicial review cases and immigration appeals, which until now have only been heard in London.

The availability of four nominated experienced Circuit Judges at the Court should ensure local understanding is also brought into consideration when hearing cases.

Judicial Review

If you have been subjected to an unreasonable decision, action or failure by a public body, it is possible to make an application to the Administrative Court for a Judge to review the lawfulness of that decision, action or failure. 

The following people may make a claim for judicial review:

The grounds for bringing a claim are as follows:

An extremely important point to note is that judicial review applications must be made not later than 3 months after the grounds to make the claim first arose.  This means that action must be taken extremely quickly and it is therefore important to seek early legal advice. 

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