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A close shave - would facial hair cause your relationship to end?


I was reading some interesting market research, carried out by OnePoll. It transpires that one in ten women admit to ending a relationship because of their male partner’s facial hair.

In fact, the research even showed that some women refuse to date a man because he has refused to shave or trim a beard!

I found it especially interesting to read, as a divorce lawyer, that 28% of couples have fallen out over their different ideas of what a man’s facial hair should be. I must confess to never having used that as an example of someone’s unreasonable behaviour in a Divorce Petition.

The study surveyed 2,000 British people and over half preferred the clean-shaven look at all times.

So it comes back to that age old debate of looks vs personality especially if the study shows that 10% of women have ended a relationship because of the facial hair!

Clearly, however, it’s apparent that there is still a large amount of interest in men with beards. A quick Google search, to undertake the research necessary for this blog (of course!) revealed lots of websites about beards; studies on beards and even a free online dating website for beard lovers.

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