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9 Facts about Marriage


As I was doing some research, I dropped upon the Office of National Statistics' website and came across their publication ‘9 Facts about Marriage’ which I thought I would share as it makes interesting, and surprising, reading.

These are the 9 facts:

1. In 2012 there was one marriage every two minutes;

2. 262,240 marriages took place in 2012 compared with 249,133 in 2011. This is an increase of 5.3%;

3. 70% of all marriages were conducted in civil rather than religious ceremonies;

4. 156,480 marriages – being 60% of all marriages - took place in historic buildings, stately homes, hotels and other approved buildings;

5.  174,040 marriages - being nearly 66% of all marriages - was the first marriage for both spouses;

6.  38,320 marriages - being 15% - was not the first marriage for both spouses;

7. The age group 25 to 29 is the most popular age to marry in;

8. The age group 65 to 69 is the fastest growing age to marry in; and

9. The average age to marry in is 36 years for men and 34 years for women.

It makes a nice change to post about marriage rather than divorce!

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