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I read with interest an article in the Telegraph which noted an increasing trend in divorces amongst more mature couples. The article noted that whilst it is correct that the divorce rates are dropping, that the over sixties divorces were increasing.

It quoted, from national statistics that in 2007 13,678 couples who were over sixty divorced, which compared to 9,052 in 1997. This is a sharp increase, particularly when the statistics show a general trend of a decrease in those divorcing.

Our experience at Clarion does back up this research. One client recently, well in excess of her sixties confirmed that she was not sure how much longer she had left to live, and she certainly had no intention of spending her last few years on earth in a very unhappy marriage. There was no one else; there was no particular bad behaviour on the part of her husband, she just recognised that she was happier on her own without him and no longer wished to remain married to him.

There are different issues that need consideration with a more mature couple divorcing. As an example, on divorce pension rights alter and one party will no longer be entitled to a widow/widower’s pension; they may no longer be nominated as beneficiary by their husband or wife to receive the lump sum from the pension. Legal advice will therefore be required to ensure the financial obligations arising out of the separation are dealt with, whether a party wants to divorce or simply judicially separate.

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