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Preaching what we practice

BHP Consulting - Management Academy

BHP Consulting is a specialist team of experienced corporate advisors that assist companies in overcoming growth challenges. Their service is characterised by delivering value to all shareholders through all stages of their corporate growth cycle. They ha…

Mock Employment Tribunal Hearing

Our Mock Tribunal will provide you with invaluable experience of the litigation process without the risks and costs that you would encounter with a real case.

Social Media: Risk and Opportunities

Social platforms give businesses the means to reach potential customers far and wide, increase brand awareness, gain valuable insights, and advertise to a targeted audience.

Costs and Litigation Funding Seminar

Our panel of experts in the field will share their knowledge and experience: Andrew McAulay - Costs Lawyer and Partner at Clarion Matthew Rose - Associate at Clarion Sue Fox - Head of Costs Budgeting at Clarion Paul Hughes - Barrister at Kings Chamb…

Avoiding a Logistical Nightmare

Globalisation… climate change… rising consumerism… along with increased customer fulfilment expectation has sparked innovation and the creation of new technologies in the world of transport and logistics.